"Elegance made in Europe. A Fashion Statement."
Elegance made in Europe. A fashion statement.

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You, the customer, give consent to SELECTED BY JULIE Spielberger Jonasch company to collect, hold, and use your personal information submitted through the Selected by Julie website/Online Shop (and all information submitted in connection with an online purchase). This consent is given by registering your contact details, entering into a purchase agreement, or by engaging in other forms of electronic communication with Selected by Julie. In accordance with this data protection policy, no further consent is required. You, the customer give the consent to Selected by Julie to collect and to use your personal information for marketing purposes within the SELECTED BY JULIE Spielberger Jonasch company. If registered, you may view and modify your data at any time in your Account. Your consent to the storage and the processing of your data can be revoked at any time by contacting following email address: julie@selected-by-julie.com

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