"Elegance made in Europe. A Fashion Statement."
Selected by Julie


Highest crystal quality

Our designers use solely genuine Swarovski crystals. The best crystals in the world. No compromise on quality… and this is the reason why:

“Swarovski crystals are decorative embellishments manufactured in Austria. In 1892, Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for making top-quality, precision-cut crystals from a combination of quartz, sand and minerals (the exact proportions are a company secret). For the first time, it was capable of cutting hard materials such as crystals and gemstones in such a way that results in identical facets that are able to face in several directions. It is a difficult and complex process: the direction in which the reflected light travels must first be calculated by computer; this is simulated in 3D and optimized, before finally being converted into control programs for complex machinery.

This reputation for master craftsmanship, uncompromised quality, and exceptional brilliance, as well as a strong sense of ecological responsibility, still define Swarovski today. Its pioneering expertise and technological superiority have made the brand an inspiration and a driving force in the industry.

Today, Swarovski leads the world in crystal embellishment for segments that include jewelry, fashion, accessories, and cosmetics, as well as interiors, lighting, architecture, and packaging. The world’s top designers and brands choose Swarovski crystal for the luxurious appeal it gives their creations. In fact, its transformative power is so strong that the “Crystals from Swarovski since 1895” certificate of authenticity has now become a byword for glamour.”

Environment-friendly materials

All our designers take a special care regarding the environmental impact. All ingredients are compliant with strict international and European regulations. All creations are made in Quality and are for instance nickel-free and use materials that are allergy free.

As for the crystals, we are pleased to inform you that on top of being the most beautiful crystals, Swarovski crystals are also the most environmental friendly ones. Swarovski’s patented lead-free* formula has changed the DNA of crystal while still offering the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous. If you haven’t noticed a difference, that’s probably because when it comes to Swarovski’s Advanced Crystal standard it’s what you don’t see that matters.

Carefully selected raw materials are made into products compliant with crucial current laws and regulations governing the use of certain substances in finished products in the most relevant segments of Swarovski’s customers’ businesses. Swarovski’s new and innovative formula offers peace of mind for business partners in the ever-stricter international regulatory environment.

100% made in Europe

We strongly believe in the Quality and in the beauty of designs made and produced on the European continent. There are so many talented designers, who master state-of-the-art craftsmanship capacities combined with ancient traditions. Selected by Julie provides a stage for these designers.

All creations are 100% designed & manufactured in Europe, all ingredients are sourced on the European continent. The packaging is also sourced in Europe.