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Mompreneur forever….

Mompreneur forever….
May 10, 2020 Julie Jonasch

3 Generations, 3 Mompreneurs

The small picture on the top right was taken about 15 years ago… even if the word “Mompreneur” is quite new, the fact that many women manage a small company and family at the same time is not new at all. My grandmother for instance had a little candy & chocolate distribution company, my mother a small relocation company and I started my own entrepreneur experience 9 years ago. 

I had the amazing luck to grow up with this image of a strong woman balancing family and business at the same time and with the feeling that a women can do whatever she dreams of. It is not easy every day (like really not easy) and it requires a lot of work, energy and sacrifices but the freedom to make your own business decisions and most importantly to spend valuable time with your children and family whenever they need you, is priceless. 

I knew since I am a little girl that one day I will also become a Mompreneur. If I look back: Destiny or subconscious family tradition ? … that is now the question 😉…

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